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2010-09-20 15:18:06 by tt10

I am just going to say that up-a-notch will be collabing with me most of the time, I like doing pixel art and i will do things be myself sometimes but not all the time, also i might collab with you if you comment or pm me :D

New ???????

2010-09-10 10:18:43 by tt10

I Have a new ??? And Wait For it to come Some Time This month

1 more boulder but 1 new series

2010-02-15 21:32:23 by tt10

there will be 1 more boulder ep and a new series called 2 dragons or something like that i am still thinking of a name for it and i will make a game for 2 dragons in the next couple months


2010-02-11 16:54:03 by tt10

Me and up-a-notch are working on a cool series my user pic is one of the characters "Eyeball 3000"


2008-06-23 12:47:52 by tt10

i will post a flash movie on here soon :).